What is Park and Ride?

Park and  Ride

Park and Ride car parking is the easiest way to park the car at the nearest car parking terminal around the globe. The car parking service is reliable and safe as one don’t have to hand over his car keys to someones else’s hand. One can get this car parking service at an affordable price. This service is famous to transfer the passenger from his vehicle to the public transport. These parking lots are 2 or 3 miles away from the terminal and one can get to the main terminal after parking his/her car.

How can anyone get these services?

One can get this service at every airport or busy shopping malls. There are parking lot operators at each airport or big shopping malls who are providing the service of park and ride. If one is aware of any of the parking lot operator, he can access him directly. Otherwise, there are also some third-party operators who provide the passengers with the chance to book their parking space by sitting at home. One can access their website and see the price comparison list on their website. The prices of all of the parking lots are usually mentioned on the website and anyone can see all of the available prices for a specified parking location. One can book this service by entering the details of their journey. These third-party operators usually work with all of the parking service providers. People can buy any of the parking packages which suits their requirements by paying through their card. After booking the car parking spot, they will get the confirmation email and they can drive freely from their home to the terminal.

How does this service work?

Once a person is done with the payment verification method, he will receive an email regarding the parking slot. The car reservation information will be sent to the relevant parking service provider and one can find an empty slot for his car at the mentioned time. All he has to do is reach the terminal and park his car at the booked location. These services are for those people who do not trust the chauffeur or meet and greet services and prefer to keep the keys with them.

These places are usually 2 or 3 miles away from the terminals. Once the passenger arrives at the parking lot, he can get to the terminal by the free shuttle bus service. These bus services are absolutely free and one can reach the terminal within 10 to minutes. The car will be parked at the location until the booking date. A passenger can also extend the booking date for his car parking location by paying more amount online.

Benefits of Park and Ride

  1. The car will be saved under the security surveillance system
  2. The passengers can keep his car keys with them.
  3. The passengers are free from the thoughts of their car parking.
  4. The passengers can reach the terminal by using a free shuttle bus service.
  5. The passengers can also get discounts by using promo codes.


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