What is Meet and Greet Airport Parking?

Meet and Greet Parking Services

Meet and Greet car parking option is a way to park your car at any airport terminal around the world. This option can save your time as well you can enjoy your hassle-free journey. It may seem to be the most costly car parking service but that’s not the case. Sometimes, it is the most economical service as compare to other car parking options. Many car parking providers are offering the service of Meet and Greet, Park and Ride services at the same cost. You can also get discounts if you are a regular user or on special occasions. Usually, the parking service providers are very conscious about their customers and take the feedback of their customers very seriously. If you have any complaint about their service or chauffeur, you can do record it on the phone or online.

How can you get these services?

There are different parking lot operators at each airport who are providing these services. If you have direct contact with one of those service provider, you can book a parking slot directly. Otherwise, there are also some third-party parking providers who can do the car booking on your behalf. All you have to do is to access one of those websites and mention the date and flight you want to travel. The website will give you all the options available for the parking. Mostly, these third-party operators are working with all of the parking providers at a parking site and you can get a comparison list by scrolling their website. You can buy any of the packages which suit your requirements and pays online through your card. Your parking place will be booked and you can reach the place without being worried about the parking slot.

How does this service work?

Once your booking is confirmed, your car information will be sent to the service provider. The parking place and directions will be sent to you at your provided email. When you will be leaving for the terminal from your home, you can call the service provider and give them the time you will take to reach the terminal. Once you arrive, there will be chauffeur who will be waiting for you. The chauffeur will be having your car information as well as contact information and he will guide you to reach the terminal. Once you reach the terminal, the chauffeur will take the car keys from you and park your car at your booked location. The chauffeurs are well trained and they are very serious towards their jobs. Your car keys will be saved at a secure location and you can get your car back as soon as you have completed your trip. You can give a call to the parking service provider and they will be sent your car to your location. You will sign the paper to get your car as well provide your ID for the security purposes. Usually, these places are fully secured with CCTV cameras and their security policies are not compromised at any cost. They can also give you a visit to their security services if you are not sure about their services.

Benefits of Meet and Greet

  1. Let the chauffeur worry about your car parking.
  2. You can get your car back as soon as you are done with your trip.
  3. You can avail discounts on special occasions.
  4. You can leave your home with satisfaction.
  5. It is light on your pocket.
  6. You can carry your heavy luggage from the terminal to the flight.

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