Mistakes You Must Avoid While Travelling


Traveling soothes your soul! It makes you feel fresh and happy. However, all the delights of a long-awaited holiday to travel some loving place get waste with some unconsidered blunders. These blunders called travel mistakes result in a big bad effect on the joy you intended.

What about you made a happy start by availing our car parking service and there remains only one spot to the ceaseless joy that is the airport which just boggles you? You must be smart enough to tackle encountered blunders in the best way that will not affect your enjoyment.


Airport Parking Mistakes

Bringing Liquid Bottles

The most common mistake almost everybody does at the airport is bringing water bottles or any liquid bottles at the airport. It is defined rule that you can’t bring liquid in bigger than 100 ml container. Or you can only take completely freeze water bottles in your carry bag if you really don’t want to see them thrown out at the airport security gate. The better option is bringing liquids in a transparent plastic bag. Be aware!


 Airport Parking Mistakes

Not Weighing Bags at Home

The bags you carry at the airports are of two types. One is called handbag or carry bag and the other one is known as checked baggage. Wise approach before check-in to the airport is you just need to weigh both bags. Your carry bag must not go beyond these dimension limits: 55 x 35 x 25 centimeter or 21.7 x 13.8 x 9.9 inches. Similarly, the checked bag dimension limit is 62 inches or 158 centimeters, weight more than 50 pounds or 23 kilograms costs extra charges.


Airport Parking Mistakes

Not Moving on the Airport Walkways

The moving walkways make it easier reaching the desired spot but standing still at one spot till you reach the end isn’t a good choice at all! Keep moving as much as you can easily, it will not block the queue. What people do is the just get on to the walkway and stand still or engage themselves in using mobile phones until they reach the other end. If you have the ability to walk then standing still is not a good idea at all!


 Airport Parking Mistakes

Not Considering Plane Etiquette

Regardless of the seat you have, you must know and follow plane etiquette. These include not fighting over electronics with flight attendants, keeping your kids in your check, not fighting on armrests (these are actually for the middle seater), not getting up too frequently, and considering your odor you must use deodorant. Another very common mistake is people commit is that they keep on talking to others even when they are not in the mood to do so. Forcing someone to continuously conversate to you can result in unexpected conclusions.


 Airport Parking Mistakes

Wearing Wrong Clothing

From head to toe, dressed in strategically at the airport. It will help you get through the security faster. It feels very embarrassing when everybody goes through the check-in and you keep on unpacking your luggage. Don’t keep anything with you that can set alarms on.

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