How to Fight Jet lag

Whether you travel often or not you must know what jet lag is and how it makes your trip so much harder. Although it is impossible to avoid it 100% but there is always a work around with which you can adjust your body and put yourself out of misery.

Start Fresh:

When you know you have a long journey ahead of you make sure you are properly rested. If you start your flight sleepy and unrested you are bond to land unrested. There is no guarantee that you will be able to sleep on the flight or there will be no kids in the plane to disturb you while you doze off. So the day before you travel make sure you are done with your packing and everything is in place so all you get to do for the whole day is relax and look forward to a good trip ahead

Know Where You Are Off To:

Every destination is different for instance if you are planning a trip to east you should know that the day will get shorter there so plan to sleep earlier the day before you have to travel so that you can fall asleep better once you get there. For the west the days get longer so it is easier for your body and mind to adjust to that but even than make sure you sleep a little later than you normally do just to be on the safe side.

Watch Your Food:


While you are on the flight and the drinks are free, don’t just go drinking caffeine and eating food that you can’t deal with later. Always watch while you eat or drink on the plane. Your body already has to adjust with the change in zone, don’t make it harder by putting caffeine or sugar in the equation. Know where to stop!!

Pick The Best Time:

If you have a choice pick your travelling time so that you reach your destination at whichever time you find suitable for your body to adjust. If you are he kind of person who can never sleep on a plane, make sure you reach your destination at night time so that you can sleep and wake up in the morning fresh to start your trip happy. If you are the kind of person who can sleep on the plane that means you should travel on a flight that lands you at your destination in day time, generally it is also better to reach your destination in day time because it is easy to stay awake than forcing yourself to sleep.

Change Your Clock:


Jet lag is due to the fact that your brain has a certain clock adjusted to the time zone of the place you live. One way to trick your brain is by setting your watch according to the local time of your destination, that way you can trick your brain adjusting the clock much quicker.

Push Yourself:

The best way to fight jet lag is by making your day 1 difficult and easing the rest of them. Make sure when you land you are mentally prepared to do everything you can to adjust in the routine of your destination. Have lunch according to your destination time, eat when they eat, sleep when they sleep so when you wake up your brain is prepared for the coming days.

Fighting jet lag is all about how motivated you are to avoid it. You actually need to be headstrong and consistent for it to really work. So start preparing yourself mentally and the rest will fall in place.

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