How to avail special assistance at the airports?

How to avail special assistance at the airports

Almost all the major airports in the UK has the facility to manage people who need special assistance. There are dedicates lounges at the airports for such people. The lounges include bespoke chairs and calm environment for people who need special assistance.

Who can use the Special Assistance services?

Any person who is suffering from a disability or having issues can avail special assistance services. Whether a passenger needs a wheelchair, suffering from visibility problems,  suffering from hearing problems, you can utilize the special assistance facilities at the airport. The airport staff will be at the terminal to make your hassles as less as possible.

How to avail Special Assistance?

If you are travelling with a person who needs special assistance at the airport, you have to inform the airline at least 72 hours before your booking date. You have to tell them even if you are going to carry your own wheelchair. Unfortunately, if you are not able to book the special services in advance, go the special assistance desks once you reach the airport.

Special Assistance Desks

Gatwick Airport has a dedicated team to help with special assistance passengers. As soon as you arrive at the airport, make your way to the number of assistance reception desks which are located throughout the airport; on both terminal forecourts and before and after security. The assistance service is completely free.

Usually, the airport has special teams to handle people who need special assistance. There are more than one desks appointed at each major airports in the UK to provide help to people who need special assistance. The assistance services are free of cost and you can claim these services every time you travel from the airport.

Help Point Telephones

If you have not in a position to reach the help desk, you can use the help point telephones to ask for help. The action will be taken immediately and you will get help where are you standing.

People who are Hard of Hearing

If you are hard of hearing and it is difficult for you to listen to the announcement, you can ask the airport administration about the special assistance you will be needing. There are induction loops throughout at almost every airport which provide the facility of hearing to the passengers who are hard of hearing.

People who are Partially Sighted

If you are suffering from partially sighted, the first thing you have to do is to ask for help from the airport special desks. To solve this problem, all major airports in the UK is using bold black directional signs with a yellow background.                             

Special Assistance Security Lanes

There are special assistance lanes dedicated for those people who need some extra times to pass through the security gates. These lanes provide more space to the passengers and extra large security scanners to manage the wheelchairs. Staff members will also be present around the lanes in order to provide them with emergency help.

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