Difference between Valet Parking and Meet & Greet

The functionality of both of the services is the same. Valet parking service is the airport’s own doorstep service which usually involves leaving your car outside the terminal. Whereas, Meet and Greet parking service is an Airport Approved operator working from the meet and greet zone. This zone is usually a walking distance away from the main gate of the airport. The valet parking service is usually offered at the hotels, restaurants, stores and other businesses while the Meet and Greet parking service is offered at the airports.

meet and greet parking

Valet car parking service enables the passengers to step straight from their car and go to the departures terminal. It also gives the advantage of coming straight out of the flight and drive in the car which is waiting for you.

The cost of both of the services is varied according to the place yet Flypark plus offer the best comparison rates for both of the services. Flypark Plus is working with the Meet and Greet parking service providers as well as Valet parking service providers. You can get both of these services under a single platform. All you have to do is to book a valet or meet and greet car parking package and we will organize everything for you. Soon after book the parking package, you will get the parking details. All you have to do is to reach the airport terminal in case of meet & greet or restaurants/ hotels in case of valet parking and the rest of the work will be done by the chauffeur. The chauffeur is well trained and they can park your car in a safe environment.





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