Delayed flights? Let’s make it fun

When you are travelling the worst start to your vacation is a delayed flight, but not anymore. While you sit and wait for your flight that has delayed for a long time don’t let it ruin your vacation. There is so much you can do on the airport. We compiled a list of all the fun activities just in case.

Shop Till You Drop:


Well, there is never enough time to shop before you start your journey. Airports have duty free shops. From there you can buy many things and the best part is you are allowed to carry them on the plane alongside your hand carry!! So shop and make the most of your time. That way you will not even know and your time will fly right by you.



Airports are designed to give travelers all the possible luxuries. You can find countless cafes and eateries where you can sit and munch while you wait. There are multiple outlets so you have multiple options to pick from. From cafes to fine dine, name it and you will get it. You can also sit at bars while you wait. Can you name a better time pass?



If you really want to start your journey relaxed and on a good note bring along your earphones. You never know when or if your flight will get delayed so be prepared. Pick a mild playlist, put your ear plugs on and there you go. Take this time to reflect on yourself and think about all the good things coming your way.



While delayed flights can be super annoying, they also give you a chance to catch up on your sleep. You can book the vip lounge for yourself and go sit on recliners to sleep your worries off. The best part? When you get on the plane you are well slept and fresh. Also that way you get relaxed before you board your plane. So what are you waiting for?

Go Walk Your Worries Away:


Another good way of reflecting and relaxing is a long stroll. Go walk on the airport. You can see different people doing different things. You can do window shopping and explore different places. Trust us, the airport is so huge you will not even feel when the delay time. Also walking gives you some time to relax and reflect. Make the most of the time that you get before you start your journey.

Make Phone Calls:

Another very good time pass is talking to friends. Pretty Sure there are so many people you have to catch up with but never seem to make out time. When your flight is delayed and you have plenty of time use it. You can call your friends or your family and give them their long due time before you fly off to your vacation. It’s a good time to catch up, don’t you think?



When your flight gets delayed you are surrounded with all these people who have the same destination as you. A very good way to spend your time is by making friends. Make good friends so while you are on your vacation you can have a good time with them as well. Everything seems much better when you have your friends around, and when you don’t have them around? You can always make new ones.

Delayed flights can cause so much frustration and that is understandable. Don’t let it get to your head and spoil the good time that you have planned ahead. Find out the best you can do in this time and enjoy!!

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